Solve carefully created puzzles designed to enrthral, amaze and frustrate.




Teamwork is essential as you move through the hunt, supporting colleagues and completing challenges.




Relationships within teams improve as they are unified in comlepeting a common goal.


Any successful business will have at its heart, an amazing team of people. They help support and drive the business forward and they provide an asset that is far more than the sum of its parts.

However that team can only be created when the individuals with similar interests, likings and attitudes, work together for a common goal.

Our PuzzleHunts ARE that common goal. They create a unique, experiential environment within which team members can solve a series of puzzles, play on demand knowledge games and complete physical challenges, all whilst navigating a route in the quickest time and in the most efficient way possible.

Our PuzzleHunts combine cutting edge technology with a desire to explore. Teams use a smartphone app to assist them in navigating around a particular location. Upon finding each clue, a series of increasingly challenging questions are asked via the app which teams must attempt to solve. They are allocated points depending on how successful they are at solving the questions. If they get stuck, they can skip a question, but they will incur penalties. Locating the final destination is worth additional points as is the speed at which you complete the hunt. So, do you skip clues to be first back or do you take your time answering and risk not returning first?


We all remember our childhood joy at taking part in a treasure hunt. Welcome to the natural evolution of those quests - our Smartphone PuzzleHunts. We have devised a modern day version that requires the intrepid desire of Marco Polo, the ingenuity Phileas Fogg and the observation skills of James Bond!   


Find locations you never knew existed, discover new places of interest, maybe even go into a restaurant to ask the price of their soup! The clues in a PuzzleHunt are many and varied - designed to inform as well as entertain. These hunts are great team activities and require everyone to play their part. From captain to navigator, researcher to photographer - our hunts will not only give your brain a workout; they are a great way of getting your 10000 steps a day!



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