We love asking questions, but we don't want to simply ask the same old sort of 'pub quiz' type poser all the time. Whilst we have nothing against asking "How long did the 1896 Anglo-Zanzibar war last?"*, we prefer to do it with a touch of style. Therefore teams may be required to run to the corner of the room in which the correct answer is displayed. Or they might need to correctly answer a series of questions in order to identify the link between them all. We might even make them watch a video and answer observation questions about it - not an easy thing to do when the video is an episode of Pingu! Whatever we ask, our questions are designed to be unique, quirky and fun - to entertain as much as they frustrate!


* the answer is between 38 - 45 minutes BTW!

We like to think of our PuzzleQuizzes as a cross between a quiz and a gameshow. We include lots of audio visual elements (music plays a BIG part in a PuzzleQuiz experience), we encourage full team participation and we make the event as interactive as we possibly can.


Our main PuzzleHost, Mal, was a teacher for over 20 years, so he literally made a living out of asking questions! He is a larger than life character that enjoys fun, trivia and 80s music - the perfect example of a quiz master!


Why not get in touch with us today to see how a PuzzleQuiz could be the event you've been looking for.

Focused On The Team

We see our quizzes as a way of helping people bond together to achive a common goal - winning the quiz! But we don't simply settle for asking lots of questions and hope that people just get on with each other. We include specially designed individual and team challenges, alongside  the questions and require individuals to solve a series of logical and physical puzzles to earn their team more points. There is always something to do in a PuzzleQuiz - and it's that challenging, non-stop atmosphere that drives the development of exciting relationships between team members.

We use SpeedQuizzing technology to ensure that our quizzes are exciting, fast and fair. We've all seen those teams in the corner with Google working overtime on the phones underneath table - well SpeedQuizzing makes cheating a thing of the past. By rewarding those teams answering the question correctly the quickest, we can ensure a fair quiz for all. However, we can also award points for 2nd, 3rd fastest etc. So everyone has a chance to score points and everyone gets the speed buzz!


Question Design

Exciting Use Of Technology

Our digital treasure hunts and quizzes allow both private and educational organisations as well as individuals the opportunity to experience fun, innovative and engaging team building encounters.

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