If you want to raise money for a particular cause, but are not a registered charity or school, we can still help!

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We realise that many demands are placed on people to donate money. Schools and charities are always looking for  alternative methods of raising much neeed cash that are engage potential donors.


PuzzleDuck has the perfect solution to this dilemna - our incredible FUNdraising Quiz Night! We can organise an evening for your patrons to remember. Whether you simply want an outstanding quiz or if you require us to also take care of food/drink and musical entertainment (who doesn't like a 70s/80s/90s disco?), we can provide any level of involvement you require.


Quiz nights usually last for 2.5 hour, or 4.5 hours if you have food and a disco. However, the timings are up to you - we will fit around your needs and deliver a high quality and entertaining event.


We have sucessfully hosted many such events and have a range of activities to ensure you maximise your fundraising efforts, including:


  • Musical Bingo: instead of tickets, patrons purchase bingo cards. Each card has 20 well known song titles printed on them. Throughout the event, songs will be randomly played. Once a line, 4 corners or a full house has been called - we have ourselves a winner!
  • Turtley Amazing Racing : our 6 virtual turtles run a race on the big screen. Teams can bet some of their points on who they think will finish first. Winners have their points increased by the amount of points they originally bet. Losers? Well they have to just work harder when the quiz start up again!
  • YMCA,B,C or D : a series of multiple choice ae asked, with 4 possible answers given. Participants must indicate which answer they think as correct by adopting the classic poses for the song "YMCA" Those who are wrong sit down, the rest stay standing and answering questions until we are left with the ultimate clever clogs.

We offer 50% off our corporate quiz rates for schools/registered charities and sports/youth clubs.


Get in touch with us to see how we can support your cause.

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