Our Philosophy


PuzzleDuck was born out of a desire to do something different from the normal team building sessions we had experienced in our professional lives. We felt that therehad to be a better way of engaging, educating and developing staff that could still include the 'F' word - FUN!


We recognised that teams are made up of individuals and therefore no two team building sessions would be the same. There needed to be bespoke elements to reflect the nature of those participating.


We decided that we would design a set of team building encounters that put the participants at the centre of the activity and surround them with challenges that baffle, stretch and entertain.


Our PuzzleHunts and PuzzleQuizzes help create a truely unique team experience that is focused, fulfilling and of course FUN!


There is nothing that says team building cannot be enjoyable and we certainly fit that bill. Bill, duck, geddit?!

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