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We are PuzzleDuck and we love treasure hunts! But not the Indiana Jones struggling with a map, a flaming torch and a hat type. (Although if you want to wear a hat - that's fine with us!) We are all about technology. Mobile phones, GPS satellites and our innovative PLATFORM app are the ingredients to a fun, frantic and utterley fantastic experience.

Choose your city, assemble your team and embark on a unique and engaging digital treasure hunt that requires you to visit a series of locations to activate a variety of puzzles to solve, questions to answer and photo challenges to complete.

With points available for successful completion of tasks, it's not only a race to the finish but a race to the top of the leader board as well. 

You shouldn't really need a reason to attempt one of our digital hunts, but if you do, here are a few that people have used:

  • team building activity
  • employee onboarding
  • student orientation
  • fundraising
  • stag/hen events
  • birthdays/anniversaries
  • social activity for a bunch of friends/family

Whatever your goal is, our hunts will engage and enthral, confuse and confound, delight and divide. They encourage teamwork, problem solving, creativity, innovation and there is fun packed into every one of them. We love our hunts - so will you! 


Remember those seafaring fantasies of sailing the high seas, adventuring through unknown landscapes and discovering the hidden booty of  no-good, ne'er do well pirates? Welcome to the 21st Century interpretation of those enthralling escapades! A PuzzleDuck Digital Treasure Hunt captures those feelings of excitement, exploration and engagement as teams are pitted against each other in a race to see who can find the secret locations, answer the bamboozling questions, solve the fiendish puzzles and complete the entertaining challenges. 

Each team member is armed with our PLATFORM app installed on their own mobile phone. This app guides them around the hunt, ensuring everyone gets their own tasks to complete and requiring that everyone works as a team to progress through the quest. Along the way teams will encounter a range of conundrums that must be resolved. Clues are available if needed - but they cost valuable points. At the end of the hunt, the hidden final destination is eventually revealed - and teams race to be first to arrive.

The finishing positions of the teams are displayed on the leader board, awards are given and the photo challenges from the hunt are presented for everyone to enjoy (and usually laugh at!).


Our digital treasure hunts and quizzes allow both private and educational organisations as well as individuals the opportunity to experience fun, innovative and engaging team building encounters.

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