Explore Like Never Before Together

Our team of treasure hunt builders have designed and developed a series of exciting and challenging adventures just for. These unique experiences are packed with locations to find, puzzles to solve, clues to unravel, photos to take and questions to answer.

Think you know a city? Think again. 

Our innovative app will guide you and your team as you navigate the secret locations and attempt a series of fun and unusual challenges. You'll learn quirky facts about the area and see things you may never have noticed before.

An outdoor adventure you'll always remember.

The Challenge Ahead

The puzzles and problems that teams are faced with are as fun as they are frustrating!


The answer you're looking for will be in plain sight, right under your nose.

But can you find it?


A pub quiz on the move.

The questions can be about anything, but the answers always need to be correct!


The photos you take may not be of Instagram quality, but they'll certaibly bring out your creative side!


You know those annoying puzzles that cause a lot of head scratching?

Yup - these are them!

The Types Of Hunts Available

Whether it's hunting as a social activity with friends or an event with a specific focus

- we've got an adventure to suit.

Pre-built social hunts for teams based in cities and towns around the UK

Social hunts for hen parties, birthdays and celebrations with customised content

Custom team building and orientation hunts for corporate and education clients

Tailor made hunts for visitor economy venues to help drive footfall

How The Hunt Works


Create your teams, take the team selfie and get ready to hunt


Travel to locations in any order you wish


Attempt the different challenges delivered to members of your team


Score points for successful completions


Discover interesting facts about your location

Complete the hunt and check the leader board for the winning team