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Explore Like Never Before

with our unique Digital Treasure Hunt app

Experience the 'secret' parts of cities and towns.

Discover the 'hidden histories' of new or familiar locations.

Have an urban adventure as you and your team complete a series of fun and informative challenges all designed to test your powers of observation, puzzling solving skills, creative thinking and general knowledge.

The PuzzleDuck app takes you on a Digital Treasure Hunt through your chosen destination and reveals areas and information you may have never been aware of. Players can create teams that then compete against each other, scoring points for visiting locations and completing the various challenges they are given. The real-time leaderboard allows you to check on everybody's progress and when the hunt is finished the winner will have the bragging rights!

Click HERE to visit the online hunt shop where you can choose your adventure, or read more about our hunts on this site.

A Simple Guide To A Digital Treasure Hunt

A Bit More Information For You

Our hunts turn cities and towns into playgrounds for you to explore. Most take between 90 - 120 mins to complete, but there are no actual time limits to stick to. So if you fancy stopping for cake along the way - then we encourage that! Work as a team or a number of teams to navigate yourselves to the various markers on your map. At each location will be a series of challenges for you to complete and the more you do, the more you score! These challenges are designed to be fun, informative and a great way to see how you work together as a team.

You'll also be outside in the fresh air as well as clocking up those

all-important steps and doing an activity that's great for your physical and mental wellbeing. You'll also laugh along the way as the challenges are packed with PuzzleDuck's unique humour.

[well we think we're funny anyway!]