1 - Choose your city and hunt type

  • We are continually adding more cities to our portfolio - so if you cannot find somewhere you'd like to explore - why not email us and tell us. If we get enough requests, we'll start building in your city!
  • Hunt types indicate the version of the hunt you are going to get. Family hunts have children friendly questions and puzzles, whereas Explorer hunts contain more difficult trivia challenges
  • We will be adding more hunt types over time

2 - Choose the date of your hunt

  • Select the date that you want to do the hunt
  • Our "Rain is a Pain" Promise gives you 28 days, from the hunt start date to complete your hunt. So if the weather is a bit bad on the big day, you can simply postpone the event until another day.
  • If you wish to, you can also use the full 28 days to complete the hunt. Maybe complete some locations on one day, some on another and so on. You can go at your own pace - why not savour and enjoy the experience?

3 - Choose the number of players

  • Decide on how many players there will be, select that number, purchase the hunt and that's it!
  • Please note that the cost per person drops significantly when more than one player does the hunt. This is to encourage teams to participate as opposed to individuals. The hunts are designed more as a collective as opposed to sole experience.
  • You can choose to split the players into teams on the day of the hunt. Simply tell the app which players are in which teams.
  • The app will display a real time scoreboard so you can see how your team is doing against others - who doesn't love competition?!

Useful Things To Know

  • Once you have purchased a hunt, an acknowledgement will be sent to the email address you have given us.
  • After approximately 10 mins, you will recieve an additional email that will confirm your purchase and give you your hunt code.
  • Make sure you download the PuzzleDuck App before your hunt.
  • On the day of the hunt, start the app, enter your hunt code and follow the on-screen instructions.