Turn a city

into your playground

PuzzleDuck's unique Digital Treasure Hunts are the perfect way for work colleagues or group of family and friends to experience an exciting,  collective, rollercoaster of an adventure.

We are PuzzleDuck and we love treasure hunts!

But not the Indiana Jones struggling with a map, a flaming torch and a hat type.

(Although if you want to wear a hat - that's fine with us!)

We are all about technology. Mobile phones, GPS satellites and our innovative treasure hunt app are the ingredients to a fun filled, frantic and utterley fantastic experience. If puzzles, conundrums, logical posers and unusual trivia are your thing - then you are in the right place!

Assemble your team


We find that teams of between 3 and 5 are the ideal size to experience a Digital Treasure Hunt

Choose your city


We can create a hunt in any UK city. If we haven't built one in your area - just tell us and we'll get building!

Start your adventure


Generally hunts last for about 2.5 hours - but tell us how long you want your adventure to be and we'll sort it!

Features of a hunt


Hidden Locations


They are out there - you just have to find them.


Trivia Questions


Battle with good old fashioned pub quiz style head-scratchers.


In Game Decisions


Affect the way a hunt develops in real time.


Observational Puzzles


The solutions are quite literally under your nose.


Photo Challenges


Think it's easy taking a picture? Well think again.


Logic Conundrums


Classic puzzles that require logic thinking - just don't take too long.


Alan R


My team sadly didn't win - but the information I learnt about Liverpool that I never knew, more than made up for that. Sort of!

Phil C


I arrived in Liverpool on a Sunday night to start uni the next day. We did a hunt as part of Welcome Week. By the end of the hunt I felt I knew the city much better and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Emma P


What an incredible experience. I've never been more excited to get my 10,000 steps done than I was completing the hunt.

Nadia M


The best team building event we have ever done! See you next year!

Chris D


Really enjoyed everything - especially being told we could start anywhere in the city. We were able to choose what we did and the order we did it in. Very flexible.


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