One of the biggest benefits of a PuzzleDuck Digital Treasure Hunt is that feeling of togetherness and connectivity. The tasks are designed to engage all participants and greater success is achieved by those teams that work as a unit to solve the clues and discover the hidden locations.

However at the moment, our hunts are not running, for obvious reasons. And our objective of helping teams better connect in a fun and innovative way would seem impossible to attain.

At least that is what we thought - until we put our thinking caps on!

There has always been a strong element of trivia questions in our hunts, and we often host corporate and charity quiz nights for clients. We already know that our quizzes are a great way for teams to get together and have a fun and engaging experience - and we didn't see any reason why, with a little bit of technology, we couldn't continue to offer this service in the current climate.

How It Works *each player will need a mobile phone (Apple/Andriod), a computer and an internet connection

A business will purchase a quiz for their staff. Players will download a free app onto their Apple or Andriod device. Usually the 'team' will be a single player, but of course anyone else who is in the household is welcome to play along also! Each player will login to a Zoom session at an agreed time/date. This session will be hosted by us as the quizmaster. Players will be able to see each other on their laptop/computer screen. 

We will run the quiz and players will answer via the app on their phones. All the standard pub quiz type categories are covered and points are awarded for correct answers as well as bonus points for players who answer correctly before anyone else!

The business might decide to award prizes to the winning teams, but we will let them work out how to do that - the kudos of winning a PuzzleDuck Quiz is often enough for anybody!

As we are putting this offer together at the moment - we don't have time to set up an online bookings system. So we would ask any interested business to email keepconnected@puzzleduck.co.uk in the first instance to register an interest. We will get back to you to sort out the finer details.


We want to keep things as simple as possible and we are mindful of the fact that finances are stretched for everyone right now. So we have decided on two quiz durations, 60 mins and 120 mins. Both will include the ever popular music round as well as a picture round. Extra rounds will then be added depending on which length of quiz has been chosen.

A 60 mins quiz, for up to 40 'teams' is £150, whilst a 120 mins quiz for up to 40 'teams' is £250

Remember, a 'team' can be anyone in the household. Partner, kids, granny - anyone! Therefore you can create a true community event that includes members of the business' extended family.

Although we have the ability to accomodate up to 100 teams, we want to ensure that everyone has a great experience in terms of responsiveness of the system. Rather then introduce the potential of lagging and delays, we are capping the numbers at 40. If you have a specific request regarding more than 40 teams, please email us to discuss - we can still provide a quiz for larger numbers.

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