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At PuzzleDuck, we think that team building is the most important investment a business can make in itself. However, before you start imagining those cringe worthy scenes from "The Office", consider the benefits that team building can offer your business.




Business is all about solving problems, and the puzzles we use in our team building demand creative solutions. Solving them within the safe space of our PuzzleHunts enables free thinking without constriants. A valuable skill to take into the workplace.



As a direct result of increased morale you’ll see a surge in productivity, however this isn’t just a short term benefit. The team building itself will help your employees work better together, which as a result should enable greater productivity from every team — not just those who did the team building



During every team building event, there are always a few individuals who step up and embrace the challenge more than others. They often display hidden abilities and surprise everyone with their attitude. These 'stars' could have a great future in your business and now they have identified themselves, you can continue to help them grow.









Nothing breaks up the monotony of every day work quite like a team building day. Not only does this give everyone the chance to get out of the office, it’s a fun day out that people will look forward to. After the event, your staff will be on a real high and office morale should see a real boost.






It’s all about building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Our activities are designed with this in mind and you’ll be able to build strong, natural relationships throughout the company. Better relationships lead to increased abilities when working in collaboration, making day-to-day tasks much easier and smoother.



Arguably In addition to improved productivity, you’ll find that your office’s efficiency will increase. With the easier relationships, clearer understanding of roles and improved abilities gained through the team building you’ll find that there will be much less wasted time and resources.








Do you find that some people aren’t sure of what their exact role is in their team? They struggle to figure out what they bring to the team? Team building activities encourage people to implement themselves in the best way they know how — this is great for people figuring out their position within the team..




Nobody wants to work in a miserable, boring office and by having regular team building activities and encouraging open communication and friendly relationships you can eliminate this possibility. While you don’t need to have these events every month, it can be extremely beneficial — especially to new staff — to carry out activities of this sort at least once or twice a year.




Yes, you read that correctly. We believe that businesses want free thinking employees and team building affords staff the environment to do this. Creative solutions to exsiting problems, alternative ways of doing things and new approaches to challenging tasks all show how teams can look at situations in a unique way. No robots - just  the application of logic, reason, innovation and a positive trasformation of your amazing employees!

Our digital treasure hunts and quizzes allow both private and educational organisations as well as individuals the opportunity to experience fun, innovative and engaging team building encounters.

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