Offer your supporters

an original approach

to donations

A Digital Treasure Hunt can provide your charity with an innovative take onfundraising. We realise that appealing for donations is a large part of the day to day work of a charity - so why not raise eyebrows as well as funds by doing it in an inventive way. 

Your charity could organise a corporate hunt and charge businesses to enter a team into the event. The hunt can be designed to have the premises/offices of the participating companies as locations and questions and challenges can be written to incorporate content specific to those businesses.

The business will get the exposure it seeks - and your charity will get the funds.

Additional ways of raising revenue lie in the ability for corporate sponsorship of both the entire hunt and/or locations on it.

The app can be white labelled and the branding of the main sponsor can replace the usual colour scheme. This will give that business a presence throughout the entire hunt.

Alternatively, by sponsoring specific locations, a business' logo and details will be revealed by the app when the team move close to that location.

However you use your Digital Treasure Hunt - let it become part of your fundraising programme and offer your supporters an imaginative way of backing you. Why not have a chat about it with us today?


We appreciate that the search for more unique ways of fundraising is ongoing. So here is a bit more detail on how you can utilise the originality of a Digital Treasure Hunt for the benefit of your charity.  Don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss something in more detail - we love a good chat!

Corporate Hunts


You probably already have an address book filled with existing and potential corporate benefactors - so why not use this information to create a truly unique charity experience? Rather than ask for donations, why not get then actively involved in a fun and frantic hunt? By charging businesses a fee to enter a team, you can raise more money the more teams enter. You can make it an event, use social media to advertise it and provide prizes for the winning team. The fun, competitive element of a hunt is a big draw for businesses who are perhaps looking to support a charity in a different way than just donating money. This type of hunt gives them the chance to give something to their employees as well as your charity. How about providing the teams with sponsorship forms for the individual team members? Maybe they could be sponsored for every location they visit or the distance they cover during the hunt?

Sponsored Hunts

You may of course, wish to put a hunt on for your own staff or individual supporters. Therefore, to raise additional funds, you could offer the chance for business to sponsor elements of the hunt. We can create a range of sponsorship packages, from the patronage of the entire hunt through to sponsorship of individual locations of challenges. you would be able to offer businesses a unique way in which they can promote themselves and we can even include information about the business itself and questions related to its goods/services. The flexibility of our system means that we can accommodate most promotional requests from businesses.

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