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PLATFORM can provide your charity with an original approach to fundraising. We realise that appealing for donations is a large part of the day to day work of a charity - so why not raise eyebrows as well aas funds by doing it in an inventive way. 

Your charity could organise a corporate hunt and charge businesses to enter a team into the event. The hunt can be designed to have the premises/offices of the participating companies as locations and questions and challenges can be written to incorporate content specific to those businesses.

Additional ways of raising revenue lie in the ability for corporate sponsorship of both the entire hunt and/or locations on it.

The PLAFORM app can be white labelled and the branding of the main sponsor can replace the usual colour scheme. This will give that business a presence throughout the entire hunt.

Alternatively, by sponsoring specifc locations, a business' logo and details will be revealed by the app when the team move close to that location.

However you use PLATFORM - let it become part of your fundraising programme and offer your supporters an imaginative way of backing you.


We have designed the PLATFORM app to be packed full of cunningly crafted features to provide a truely unique and immersive experience for teams.

Our digital treasure hunts and quizzes allow both private and educational organisations as well as individuals the opportunity to experience fun, innovative and engaging team building encounters.

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