Coporate hunts to help

shape your teams

A Digital Treasure Hunt is an ideal way to satisfy a number of

staff related objectives that many businesses will have.

From a team-building perspective, digital hunts provide a myriad of opportunities for individuals to connect with each other whilst working towards the achievement of a common goal.

New employee onboarding is another innovative use of our Digital Treasure Hunt app. The content of all our hunts can be designed for the needs of the client and therefore as the adventure progresses, specific business-related information can be given to the participants and their understanding of this may be measured through simple bespoke assessments that are built into the hunt experience.

Providing staff with an encounter as unique as a Digital Treasure Hunt can be as rewarding for them as it is fun. We carefully design these events to ensure that they are packed with tasks that test their creativity, ingenuity and problem-solving skills as well as their ability to effectively communicate, negotiate, delegate and evaluate.

There is no hiding the fact that we make these hunts as fun as we possibly can - we are firm believers in the power of laughter! But the humour is underpinned by a skillfully created group experience that will deliver business benefits across many levels.

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You know your staff and your business better than we do - but here are a few suggestions as to how a Digital Treasure Hunt could be incorporated into your organisation. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss something in more detail - we love a good chat!

Team Building


This is by far the most popular use of our hunts by businesses. The importance of team building within an organisation cannot be underestimated, but the method you use is just as significant. We make no secret of the fact that fun is top of the agenda in a Digital Treasure Hunt - we know it puts people at ease, helps break down barriers, encourages collaboration and supports the building of new or the strengthening of existing relationships. As well as this, from a business perspective it can:

  • Facilitate better communication - our challenges create discussion and promote an open conversation between participants. Because individual team members are given tasks to solve it will often be necessary for them to seek assistance from others who may have greater expertise in the area of that particular challenge. The fact that a team can create their own route through the hunt encourages listening and negotiation skills as different options are discussed and evaluated.
  • Motivate employees - our hunts offer participants the chance to try things out and take risks in a safer environment than the business world. They can succeed and learn more about themselves and if mistakes are made, there are no real world consequences. These opportunities to attempt something other than the norm, work as a great motivator to participants and give them the chance to discover more about themselves. The more comforatable they are to express their ideas and opinions the more confident they will become - motivating them to take on new challenges when back in work.
  • Promote creativity - by putting your employees in a totally different arena, outside of the office setting and exposing them to new experiences, they will be forced to think outside of their normal working routine. This can spark interesting and creative approaches to solving the hunt challenges they are faced with - qualities that they can bring back to the business.
  • Level the playing field - often in businesses there is a disconnect between the leadership team and the employees. By creating teams that span the management structure, you can create the freedom for participants to connect in a way they might not otherwise do. They will see each other as equal colleagues and building that new type of relationship can only benefit a business.

Employee Onboarding


Our hunts offer the perfect solution to businesses that need to quickly introduce new members of staff to all aspects of the organisation. From operational elements such as key people and how to find different offices to more strategic matters such as company culture and values. It may not be immediately apparent how you achieve this through a hunt, but as our system is so flexible, designing bespoke content for your organisation is easily attainable.

  • People and offices - by including images of key people and short bios, you can introduce new members of staff to who they need to know in an interesting and unique way. Offices are just another type of location, and whether they are all in one building or spread over a larger site, the fundamentals of a hunt can still apply.
  • Company culture - providing this type of information can be as simple as including elements such as vision and mission statements to be read as part of the hunt - but we can also create questions to assess understanding of this material - allowing new staff to learn essential knowledge in a fun and interesting way. We can also provide metrics to demonstrate understanding and compliance.

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