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A PLATFORM Digital Treasure Hunt is an ideal way to satisfy a number of staff related objectives that many businesses will have.

From a team building perspective, digital hunts provide a myriad of opportunities for individuals to connect with each other whilst working towards the achievement of a common goal.

New employee onboarding is another innovative use of our PLATFORM app. The content of all our hunts can be designed for the needs of the client and therefore as the hunt progresses, specific business related information can be given to the participants and their understanding of this may be measured through simple bespoke assessments that are built into the hunt experience.

Providing staff with an encounter as unique as a Digital Treasure Hunt can be as rewarding  for them as it is fun. We carefully design these events to ensure that they are packed with tasks that test their creativity, ingenuity  and problem solving skills as well as their ability to effectively communicate, negotiate, delagate and evaluate.

There is no hiding the fact that we make these hunts as fun as we possibly can - we are firm believers in the power of laughter! But the humour is underpinned by a skillfully created group experience that will deliver business benefits across many levels.


We have designed the PLATFORM app to be packed full of cunningly crafted features to provide a truely unique and immersive experience for teams.

Our digital treasure hunts and quizzes allow both private and educational organisations as well as individuals the opportunity to experience fun, innovative and engaging team building encounters.

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