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Whilst we are able to create and build a bespoke Digital Treasure Hunt for clients, we also offer three standard hunts for those customers that want a more off the shelf solution. These hunts are still packed full of all the same features and challenges as our custom made experiences - all you need to do is choose which one is the best for your particular needs.


If you have a set amount of time to spend on your hunt, then a timed event is likely to be the best choice. In this experience, teams must try to visit as many locations and successfully complete as many challenges as possible. The hunt can last as long as you wish it to, but 2.5 hours is generally the most common duration. Doing a timed hunt requires teams to become extremely focused - encouraging them to work efficiently and effectively to maximise the points that they achieve.

Timed hunts are a good option if you have a reasonable number of teams participating. With one eye on the clock and another on the leaderboard, teams are driven on by their natural competitiveness - let's face it - the bragging rights of the winners are very important!


This version of the hunt provides teams with a specific number of locations that they must visit in the shortest possible time. The more locations there are, the longer the hunt will take to complete. For example, a 15 location hunt will usually take between 60 and 90 minutes.  This hunt encourages teams to think ahead and plan the best route possible. There are no trivia questions included in this experience - unless you request them. Instead there are observational questions which require you to look about the location you are at in order to find the answer. However getting these questions right is still important as the more points a team scores, the more seconds are taken off their overall time when they complete the hunt. Cunning eh?!


This is the least frantic of our hunts, because it is not about getting to locations quickly as much as it's about trying to achieve the maximum score possible. This is done through answering all questions correctly, solving all puzzles and correctly completing all photo challenges. At the start of the hunt, teams will be told what the maximum score possible is - they hen need to work together to do everything right. First time, every time. Once again you can specify how long you with the hunt to last.

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