Digital Treasure Hunts

How It Works

  • Choose your location and book your hunt
  • On the day assemble your teams
  • The hunt is non-linear; so start wherever you wish to, and take whatever route you fancy
  • Visit all locations
  • Answer questions, search for hidden clues, solve logic problems, complete photo challenges
  • Check the in-app real time scoreboard to see how your opponents are doing

Why It Works

  • Each player is set their own challenges thereby engaging all members of all teams
  • Your hunt is a great way to contribute towards your 10k steps a day
  • Challenges are easy, hard, weird and wonderful - you'll certainly find one that you love
  • You're outdoors - what's not to love about that!
  • Players get to connect with each other in a different way than in the office or at home - see your colleagues/family in a new light
  • The entire hunt is designed to be fun. Sure, be competitive, but the most important aspect is to laugh and have a good time


These are the costs for managed hunts - mainly used by corporate clients.

For private or non-managed hunts, please check out our online shop!

90 min hunt approx. (12 locations)

£150 hunt management fee and £4/player

120 min hunt approx. (16 locations)

£200 hunt management fee and £6/player

150 min hunt approx. (22 locations)

£250 hunt management fee and £8/player

*the hunt management fee includes:

  • introductory/plenary Zoom sessions to orientate players and conclude the hunt
  • 5 broadcast messages to be sent to teams during hunt
  • Zip file of photo challenges from all teams in the hunt, emailed to customer within 24 hours
  • on the day remote management and support/troubleshooting via dedicated hotline

Useful Things To Know

  • Players use our dedicated Digital Treasure Hunt app on their Apple/Android devices
  • A 90 min hunt will use approx. 35% battery - please ensure you start the hunt with as close to 100% battery life as possible (of course if you are running other apps at the time, then more battery will be used)
  • Every Digital Treasure Hunt uses Dynamic Routing - this means you can start anywhere in your chosen city and visit the locations in any order you wish to.
  • Teams score points for correctly completing challenges. If more than one team is playing, you can track progress on a real time leaderboard



Embark on an exciting, city based adventure with your trusted team by your side. Our digital treasure hunts are a safe and innovative way of exploring your chosen city and discovering interesting trivia about the area.

Each hunt is packed with funny and creative challenges, to get you thinking, solving, finding and snapping. And as each team member can use their own mobile phone to navigate the hunt, everyone gets involved in the tasks - there is no need to share a single device - a particular advantage in these challenging times.

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