Hunt Features

Hidden Locations


Our Digital Treasure Hunt app will provide teams with a map of the area and a series of locations that they can travel to. Which actual locations are visited and the order they are visited is entirely up to the team, but they must calculate the most efficient route possible. The more locations that are found the greater the potential is for scoring points.

When a team is close to a location, their presence will trigger the app to reveal the first in a series of tasks that must be attempted by the individuals in the team. Everyone will be required to contribute to the progress of the team so it is important to work together to complete the challenges.

In Game Decisions


Throughout every hunt, there are a number of decision points that, depending on the choice made by the team, may result in easy or harder challenges being given, as well as new locations appearing on the map. This dynamic route management feature allows real-time decisions to be made that will immediately affect how the rest of the hunt plays out.

For example, a team may prefer to attempt a number of easier challenges, with each challenge having a low points value, as opposed to fewer challenges with high points values. These decision points enable a team to play to their strengths, choosing the types of challenges that they feel their members are strongest at.

Photo Challenges


A range of ingenious and fun photo challenges allow teams to creatively interpret the picture related tasks they have been given and unleash their inner paparazzi. These pictorial puzzles are designed to be completed quickly if a team simply wants the minimum points, or they can be much more imaginatively tackled in pursuit of a higher points score.

Whichever way a team attempts them, getting 5 strangers to stand in height order, with a dog in front of them whilst you snap away is never an easy thing to do!

Trivia Questions


No hunt would be complete without asking teams a series of pub quiz style trivia questions. The concept of this is nothing new - but couple these mini assessments with being outdoors, rushing between locations and trying to navigate your way around the city and the result is a unique trivia experience to remember.

Remember that all members of a team are required to participate - so make sure you support each other when searching for answers. You might just be the expert your colleague is looking for!

Observational Puzzles


Successfully arriving at a location is usually only half the story. Our fiendish hunt builders have looked about the immediate area and written a puzzle, the answer to which will be found in the near vicinity. Despite it being under the teams' noses, these particular mysteries are often the hardest to solve.

When everyone is looking for the same thing - it is surprising how difficult it is to find. However, these particular encumberments are normally the most popular type of challenge according to our teams. Spotting something you may have walked past many times without noticing it before is a real eye-opener!

Logical Conundrums


From anagrams and cryptograms to odd one outs and pattern spotting, with a healthy dose of riddles, sequences and a few 11 plus questions thrown in for good measure. These logic challenges will test a teams' ability to think laterally, quickly and under pressure. Each puzzle is designed to be either easy, medium or hard - the question is; which type will you encounter at your location? If you find yourself scratching your head and screaming a bit - then we have successfully done our job!

Broadcast Messages [available only in managed hunts]


In addition to all the automatic features, our Digital Treasure Hunt app has, there is one particular manual feature that can bring chaos to a teams' progress. A broadcast message is sent to all or specific teams asking them to complete additional tasks that may be related to real-time events. For example; if it is raining, a team may be asked to take a photo recreating the famous scene from Singing in the Rain. The messages are sent from PuzzleDuck HQ and can be tailored to suit any specific requirements a customer has. Want to see a team bring back a copy of today's newspaper fashioned into a pirate hat? Just let us know and we'll send out the order!

Media ZIP File [included in managed hunts | additional cost in non-managed hunts]


After teams have battled through their hunt, what better way of remembering their fantastic experience than by looking through all the crazy photo challenges they did on the day? After you have completed the hunt, the organiser will be email a ZIP file containing all the images that you took as part of the photo challenges - you are free to upload these to social media (don't forget to tag us in @wearepuzzleduck), email them to friends or never look at them again (dependng on how good you look in them!).  A visual record of your time as the ultimate detective/hunter!



The PuzzleDuck app is packed with exciting features, that offer players a range of challenges and tasks to complete.

All team members will have these challenges sent to their phone - and until they are completed - the team cannot move on.

So everyone must play their part to help the collective solve their way through the hunt and get to the finish.

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That will find us  - then we can take it from there!

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