A unique way to 

introduce the city

to new students

When new students arrive at your institution, a Digital Treasure Hunt offers a unique and innovative way of welcoming them to the city as well as helping them to find their way around campus.

Whether you choose to highlight the sights of the city, direct them to important buildings for their studies or a combination of the two, the digital hunt can serve as an orientation tool to ensure that students quickly acquire a general understanding of their new surroundings. Arriving in a new place can be a stressful experience - let PuzzleDuck make it a fun and memorable one instead.

As well as being used for new students, our Digital Treasure Hunts can be tailored to provide team-building opportunities for existing ones also. Group dynamics are important on a course and a hunt allows participants to connect with their peers to work collectively to achieve a common goal.

Digital Treasure Hunts are an engaging way to enrich the student experience and support them in feeling part of your university family. They can also be used for simple assessments to ensure that important messages are conveyed to participants and understood. We have run many successful hunts with universities - why not find out how we can engage with your students?


Here are a few suggestions as to how our Digital Treasure Hunts could be used by your institution. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss something in more detail - we love a good chat!

Open Days


When a prospective student visits a university on an open day, the visit is just as much about the city as it is the institution. After all, they could be spending the next 4+ years living there - so it is important that the location is right for them. A Digital Treasure Hunt is the perfect way to introduce the area to these new visitors. The hunt can incorporate your campus as well as the city it is based in and it can do this with minimal staff involvement. As the hunt is self-guided, you can choose how much engagement is required from staff. Perhaps a plenary as the hunt ends to discuss what students thought of their tour? Identifying those important campus buildings has never been easier - by using our app you can direct people exactly where you want them to go, providing them with essential information about offices and contact details of key university staff. You can also acquire vital feedback about the open day experience directly from within the app.

Course-Based Team Building


By providing students on the same course with a Digital Treasure Hunt experience, you give them the opportunity to make new relationships with their peers in a unique and interesting way. They immediately are able to create those essential support networks that will be vital during their studies. As the content of any hint may be bespoke, you can include cours- related information if you wish - or just leave it to us to build an engaging and immersive team-building experience for your students.

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