How does a Digital Treasure Hunt work?

The key is simplicity. Choose your city, assemble your teams, turn up and start hunting! Whether you have booked a managed corporate event, or bought a non-managed hunt from our online shop [coming soon], the procedure is still the same. Our Digital Treasure Hunt app [Platform] will need to be downloaded from the appropriate store and installed on the devices of the players - enter the PIN you have been given and your hunt starts immediately. Simple! Read about the features of a Digital Treasure Hunt here.

Where does it start and end?

Teams can start anywhere they choose, providing they are central to the location they have picked for their hunt. Some teams choose to meet up beforehand in a pub/cafe - others prefer to start separately and convene at the end. The end happens when you have completed all the locations or you simply choose to stop hunting. Corporate managed hunts can choose a particular destination that they wish to end at - a restuarant, pub, hotel etc.

What route must we take?

Our dynamic route management system means that you can visit the locations on your hunt in any order you wish to. We feel that a linear hunt (stopping at specific location in a pre-determined order), does not give teams enough flexiblity of choice. Indeed, if teams all start at the same location at the same time, they'll simply continue to meet each other throughout the hunt - that's not fun! 

How much battery is needed?

This is a tricky one to answer. If you were doing only the hunt and running no other apps in the background, then an average 12 location (90 minute) hunt is likely to use up to 30% of your battery power. However people tend to continue to use their phones as they normally would and the Digital Treasure Hunt app is just one of many they are switching between - this will of course drain your battery even more. In addition to this, phones have batteries of varying efficiencies and therefore calculating how much battery you'll need is far from an exact science. The good news is that within the app, teams have the option to remove (in the nicest possible way!) a member if they are running low on power. This will mean they will no longer be sent any challenges to their phone, but they can still stay part of the hunt and support their team. The best advice we can give is - try to start a hunt with a close to 100% power as you can. Or maybe even take a mobile battery charger with you.

What is the difference between a managed and non-managed hunt?

Managed hunts tend to be booked for corporate events, charity fundraisers or university open days/Welcome Weeks. They are managed in the sense that we provide a virtual orientation session at the start and a plenary session at the end, via Zoom. We also monitor the hunt virtually and are on hand to provide assistance to teams, should it be needed. Once the hunt is finished, we email the organiser a ZIP file of all the team selfies and photo challenges for them to share with the players. If you want a managed hunt in a city we do not currently have - then just let us know - we can build it for you! You can also include any specific questions/content you wish. Please note there is an additional charge for each of these features.

Non-managed hunts are purchased through our online shop, and tend to be for private individuals, forming teams with friends/family. They can be booked in any available city and for any available date, and you automatically get our "Rain is a Pain" guarantee with your booking. This gives you 7 days from the booking date, to start your hunt. Therefore if the weather isn't too good, you can delay to another day - you have an entire week to choose from!

How does a Virtual Quiz work?

Once you have booked a quiz, you will be sent a Zoom link that will become active 30 mins before the start of the event along with details of the free quiz app you will require to be installed on the phone/tablet of each player. When the quiz date arrives, click the Zoom link and you will join the other players in a 'holding room' that will allow you to see your friends/colleagues and will also contain instructions on the PIN needed to get the quiz app working. At the start time your  quiz host will magically appear on your screen - and the fun begins!

Players respond using the quiz app and points are awarded for the correct answer. The fastest correct answer is given additional points and their team name is flashed on the screen for people to see who the clever clogs are! The on screen real time scoreboard let's everyone know how they are doing compared to the other teams.

What type of questions are asked?

Here at PuzzleDuck, we like to think of these events as "Not a pub quiz". By that we mean, if you are looking for "What's the capital of..." style questions, then you won't get them from us! We pride ourselves in our innovative approach to question writing and therefore you can be sure that you will not have experienced these type of questions before. However, the types of responses are pretty standard: text, multiple choice, numeric, and we also have the exciting "Order Order" question which requires players to put various items into a particular sequence. 

Can you theme the quizzes?

You name it - we can theme it. 80s, 90s, 00s, Sport, TV and Film, Music - the list is endless. We have even hosted a British Sitcoms quiz night - so our range is quite extensive! Just let us know what you want at the time of booking - or ask us for some inspiration.

PuzzleFest - is that a Festival of Puzzles?

Well actually...yes! OK, so you won't be in a muddy field and sleeping in a leaky tent, but PuzzleFest is a celebration of all things puzzle related. These events are a great way of providing a set of tricky challenges to teams, that encourage - indeed require - efficient and effective teamwork.

Don't tell me - it's Zoom again isn't it?

Of course! Zoom affords us the perfect virtual platform to manage remote teams in an engaging and interactive manner. Breakout Rooms allow groups to work privately on particular tasks and the main room provides a forum for the sharing of solutions and our innovative "See It Smash It" activity, in which on demand puzzles are given and the race is on for teams to solve them first.

How does it work?

Simply get your teams together - they can be physically in the same place as well as remote - and we will do the rest. They will be given a series of puzzles, hosted on our website. Each puzzle is locked with a password - we give the password to the first puzzle and solving each puzzle will give the password to the next one. Teams work their way through each conundrum until they reach the final enigma. Solve that and they are done!

Throughout the event, your host will issue teams with additional problems to be solved - those that buzz in first with the correct answer get the points. Teams that are struggling can email for clues (or even the answer) - but they will have points deducted if they choose this option - so think before you email!

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