So, what do you want to know?

How does a Digital Treasure Hunt work?

The first thing to do is decide where you want to do the hunt and what objective you are trying to achieve. We can build a hunt in any major town or city in the UK - so the whole of the country can be your playground! Once that's sorted, try to think about the purpose of the hunt. We know that our hunts are fun filled and puzzle packed - but what do you actually want to do with the experience? If you let us know your aims, we'll make sure you get an encounter that will fulfill them.

How do teams score points?

By successfully completing the challenges they are set. Each location has challenges attached to it - see the features page for more details on these. The same number of points are available at each location, so no team is disadvantaged if the choose to go somewhere the other teams didn't. Some challenges offer clues to help solve them - but these clues come at a cost. You will forfeit 50% of the points available so use them wisely.

How much battery will I need?

This is a tricky one to answer. If you were only doing the hunt and running no other apps in the background, then the standard 2.5 hour hunt is likely to use up to 50% of your battery. But people tend to continue to use their phones as they normally do and this can drain your reserves by upto 80%. In addition to this, everyone has baterries of varying efficencies so it certainly is not an exact science - but the good news is that if your battery is running low, a quick call to our support desk will allow us to remove you from the team so the system doesn't try to send challenges to a dead phone! The best advice we can give you is try to start as close to 100% as possible.

Where does it start and end?

Teams can start anywhere they want as long as they are central to the location they have chosen to do the hunt in. Some teams choose to all meet up beforehand in a pub, others prefer to begin separately, spreading out across the area. The location for the end of a hunt is usually a pub/restaurant/venue,  where teams can discuss the experience, see the leaderboard and receive prizes. But you could choose to simply go your separate ways at the end of the hunt. We've designed everything to be as flexible as possible.

Will the app run on my phone?

The simple answer is yes! The app is designed to run on both Apple and Andriod devices and we deliberately chose to make it compatible with older phone operating systems, so it wasn't only newly updated devices that could handle it.

Therefore as long as your iPhone is running iOS8 and above, or your Andriod is on at least 5.1 (API Level 22) then you are set for the adventure of a lifetime! If you are unsure just get in touch with us - we love a good chat about phones!

What happens if my phone loses connection?

Our hunts rely on a number of factors outside of our control;  including GPS satellite coverage, celluar coverage and the quality of the GPS chip in your phone. Therefore there will be times when your device may lose connection with our server. However this is nothing to panic about. Simply kill the app (swip up or right depending on your phone) and then restart it. You will rejoin the hunt and your team and everything will be tickity boo again!

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