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PuzzleDuck has always existed in my mind - it just didn't have a name, or a product - just a vision.

If you have bothered to come to this page, then the least I can do is introduce myself. My name is Mal Blackburne and I'm the founder, director, owner, whatever you call it, of PuzzleDuck. I spent 20 years as a teacher and Head of Subject of Computing and IT at a sixth form college and during that time I realised that I got the best out of my students when I incorporated activities into my teaching that promoted teamwork, creativity and most importantly - fun.

I'll be the first to admit that elements of the subject that were, shall we say - boring! However, they needed to be covered and it was those particular topics that made me think differently about how they could be taught. It was not uncommon for me to commence lessons with a quiz - not about the subject - but about anything else. Best selling crisp flavours of the past 5 years, the heaviest packet of biscuits currently on sale, 10 alternative uses for a keyboard and so on.

The aim was to encourage creative and innovative thinking by the students. Getting them to be fully engaged, present and focused on the task allowed students to hit a state of creative flow. I also used aspects of humour extensively during lessons and learning through laughter is another maxim of mine that I have brought across from the classroom.

Together, these two approaches are the foundations upon which the PuzzleDuck brand is built and they run through everything we do.

So whether you are buying an individual hunt for you and family/friends or purchasing a customised team-building experience for your business, you can guarantee that the fun factor will be high, creativity will be demanded from participants and your entire encounter with us will be quite different to anything else you've experienced. 

Happy Hunting!