Why It Works

  • Any event that can incorporate physical and remote teams needs to be designed to keep levels of engagement high - PuzzleFest does this by challenging teams with problems of varying complexity. From head-scratchingly difficult to blindingly obvious.
  • Teams must develop a strategy that allows them to efficiently function in different locations across a virtual connection - this encourages creative thinking and planning
  • If you choose, some of the puzzles can relate to the business the teams are part of - it requires them to use their knowledge of the company to be successful (additional charges may apply)

How It Works

  • Teams can either be physically present, remote or a combination of both
  • Your PuzzleFest host will start the session and teams will work their way through the online puzzles
  • Pop Up Puzzles will also randomly be issued by the host - additional points are given to the first team to buzz in with the correct answer
  • Completing all the puzzles leads teams to the final enigma challenge  - solving this wins the event!


90 min duration:

£250 virtual host management and £3/player

Maximum: 50 players

150 min duration:

£325 virtual host management and £5/player

Maximum: 100 players

Useful Things To Know

  • Team will interact with the PuzzleFest host via Zoom
  • Physical and remote teams may use platofrms such as Microsoft Teams to work together
  • All puzzles are online - however, there is an option to have PDF puzzles that need to be printed out, cut up and assembled in a particular way to reveal the answer
  • A PuzzleFest session can be an afternoon event following a Digital Treasure Hunt in the morning


Working together as a team doesn't have to take place in the same location and our PuzzleFest activity is the perfect solution to remote working.

Physical and virtual teams are given a series of online problems to solve - the password to unlock a puzzle is the answer to the previous - so they must work together to find the solutions to progress through the challenge.

They can email for clues (or even answers if they are really stuck), but this will cost them points - what would your team do?

If you wish to connect with us on social media, just search for us using the term


That will find us  - then we can take it from there!

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