Hunt in the day, 

party in the night!

There are a number of ways in which private individuals can experience the thrill of our Digital Treasure Hunts. How about offering your friends an incomparable Stag or Hen weekend activity - far removed from the standard go karting and chocolate making events other companies do?

The bespoke nature of our app means that we can incorporate fun facts about the stag or hen - let's see which of their friends REALLY know them! Or how about a themed hunt? Who wouldn't want to explore a city dressed in their best neon leg warmers and deeny boppers? Whatever your ideas are - we'll find a way to make a hunt out of them.

We can also help you commemorate other special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. These type of hunts may contain a lot of personal content so that the locations and challenges are of particular interest to those taking part.

We really can create an experience tailored to your exact needs and there are so many ways in which a Digital Treasure Hunt can be used to be the main event in the ultimate surprise party - so why not have a chat about it with us today?


Here are just a few ways in which you can use a hunt to create something that everyone will never forget.  Don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss something in more detail - we love a good chat!

Stag and Hen Activities with a Difference

We at PuzzleDuck are all about fun, so you can be sure that these types of hunts will be filled with humour and amusement. We think that we can offer a real alternative to the more traditional stag and hen do activities. Imagine a hunt that lasts for the full weekend? Starting on a Friday night and going through until Sunday afternoon, we can build in as many shops, museums, art galleries and watering holes as you like. Compete as one large team or as a group of smaller teams. Theme it how you want - music, art, culture - it's entirely up to you. Dip in and out of the hunt as you wish and get yourself ready for the zip file of photo challenges we will send you on the Sunday evening. Then hit social media and show everyone what an amazing time was had!

The Surprise Hunt

The ultimate present for that special someone. Send all the guests for the evening party on a daytime digital treasure hunt. Set them questions about the birthday boy or girl/anniversary couple Incorporate locations and challenges that mean something to them. And finally, choose the perfect time during the party to reveal the pictures taken that day (which we will email to so at the end of the hunt) and the all important leaderboard scores. We can (almost) guarantee - this will be a new experience for all concerned!

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