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Everyone loves a good quiz - we certainly do here at PuzzleDuck HQ! But the opportunities for using quizzes as a vehicle for staff social events are hard right now. Government restrictions and remote working mean we cannot simply put on a quiz event and bring staff together to experience a fun and energetic trivia interaction...or can we?

Our Virtual Quizzes bring the trivia to you.  Using the Zoom platform and an innovative quiz app, you can relax on your favourite sofa and participate in a battle of the brains alongside your work colleagues.

How It Works

  • Join the Zoom and 'meet up' with your friends/colleagues
  • Give your answers via the free quiz app
  • Fastest correct responses get extra points
  • Watch the scoreboard carefully - you need to be at the top!
  • Experience a series of totally unique quiz rounds, packed with fun and interesting questions
  • Our Virtual Quizzes are not like a standard pub quiz - they are carefully designed to be a completely unique trivia encounter

Why It Works

  • It celebrates teamwork. As well as playing for yourself, you can also be part of a larger team whose individual scores are averaged
  • It's fast, frantic and fun - we won't let the lockdown get you down
  • It's not just about knowledge - the questions are a world away from "What's the capital of..." type quizzes - the focus is on creative thinking and accessing all that useless information you have stored up
  • It's more like a gameshow. If you think you'll just see your host on a Zoom screen - then think again. With visual and sound effects to keep you engaged, an on-screen shout out to the fastest responding team and a series of creatively designed, ingenious trivia rounds - it's a primetime fun experience for all.

Useful Things To Know

  • Each player will need a mobile device with the quiz app installed on it
  • Each household will need a laptop/tablet to connect to Zoom
  • Multiple players can be in a household - why not get the rest of the family involved!
  • The type of questions used are varied: text based, multiple choice, numbers and our exciting sequence challenge - putting a list of items in the correct order
  • You are going to have a lot of fun - prepare yourselves!


90 min duration:

£200 virtual host management and £4/player

Maximum: 50 players - additional players £6/player

120 min duration:

£245 virtual host management and £5/player

Maximum: 50 players - additional players £7/player

150 min duration:

£280 virtual host management and £6/player

Maximum: 100 players

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