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Get together with friends and family for the ultimate outdoor experience. Our shop contains hunts across the UK and we are adding to it all the time.

From historical Roman cities and maritime ports to medieval towns and centres of the industrial revolution. Pick your place, choose your team and go hunting.

These hunts are particularly aimed at families as many of the challenges are accessible to children, but there is no reason why adults cannot attempt them as they are based around having a fun collective experience - and who doesn't like playing games eh?!

Our hunts generally consist of between 9 and 12 locations and if tackled in one go, last between 90 and 120 mins. But you can take as much time as you want as you have 28 days from the start date to complete it. So do a bit of shopping, stop for a bite to eat, quench your thirst or even come back and continue another day. Hunts can be taken as slowly or quickly as you wish and don't worry about losing points. The leaderboard never forgets your current score - so the eventual winners will be able to celebrate!

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