Explore, discover and connect using our incredible team building experiences

Fun and play are at the very centre of our custom-made team activities that are designed to provide players with an innovative and engaging collective event. They encourage creativity, promote communication, improve morale and help build trust between participants.

Whether you are a corporate organisation or an educational institution, a PuzzleDuck Digital Treasure Hunt offer you a unique opportunity to engage players in fun and focused play.

Corporate events to connect your staff

Your staff are important to you and that is why we have created a series of team-building experiences that support a collaborative approach to problem-solving, promote a collective effort in completing challenges and highlight the importance and necessity of connecting with colleagues.

Outdoor Digital Treasure Hunts

On-site Digital Treasure Hunts

Sometimes you might wish to do a hunt at your offices or within your business complex as part of an office-based event or employee onboarding programme.

An on-site hunt operates the same way as its outdoor counterpart but the content is much more specific to your company and your employees. These hunts are a great way to present key business facts and information in a more accessible and memorable way.

Our most popular type of event for corporate clients sees players embark on a city/town-based adventure experience as you navigate yourselves around a series of hidden locations. At each stop, you encounter a range of challenges that if successfully completed, will result in valuable points being earned for your team. Players are also given interesting and quirky information that teaches them fun facts about the history and culture of the locations. 

Education events to orientate your students

The quicker your students are able to navigate themselves around your city/campus, the sooner they will feel relaxed and have a sense of belonging. We deliver events designed to support collaboration, promote teamwork and provide essential information for Welcome Week students.

City Digital Treasure Hunts

As a university, you will be proud of the city you are based in and our hunts allow you to share the  love of it with your freshers. From important landmarks and buildings to student bars and offices. You tell us where they need to go and our innovative app will take them there. Plus they'll get all the usual hand scratching puzzles and challenges to make their first uni event one to remember.

Campus Digital Treasure Hunts

If you are a campus university then you can still offer your students a Digital Treasure Hunt. The puzzles and challenges remain, it's just the location is much more personal to you. Different hunts can be created for different schools so that common locations can be included as well as lecture theatres, offices and buildings that are specific to courses.

Flexible Design Offers Customisation

PuzzleDuck Digital Treasure Hunts can be white labelled to promote your corporate or education brand and support a sense of belonging and involvement. Include your own locations, text, colours, logo, and images - if you want it in, we'll put it in!

Choose a timed hunt that finishes after a specific time or one that ends when all locations have been visited. We can even build a "xxxxx" hunt - you don't know when it will end so fast-paced points scoring is the name of the game.

Broadcast messages enable the devious minds at PuzzleDuck HQ to deliver additional physical challenges to teams; a receipt for exactly £1.13 or a pirate hat fashioned out of a newspaper are prime examples of the types of items teams can be asked to return with after the hunt is finished. These challenges attract additional points and are a fun extra to include.

You can also choose to have the images from the entire day sent to you in order to relive the day! Pictures submitted from every phone will be emailed to you as a ZIP file for use in internal newsletters/social media etc.

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