This is why we do what we do

WE know we build great digital experiences - but we would think that wouldn't we?!

What makes us smile and giggle is when our amazing customers tell us how much they love the hunts that we create for them.

Just like all our hunts are different, so are our customers and it is great to be told that we are providing them with exactly what they want.

When we take on a new customer, we set about building a strong relationship with them - just because we are all about fun doesn't mean we don't take our role seriously - and through a clear and consistent dialogue with them, we ensure we build the ultimate app-based adventure that delivers for an exciting and engaging experience for all players.

But don't take our word for it.

Here are some testimonials that we have received.


So Much Fun!

I absolutely loved the Puzzle Duck experience! It was a really great way to network and quickly ‘broke the ice’ with my group which was mostly women who had never met before.

They Are Fab!

The hunts are such a great way to break the ice when meeting new people, and they provide great opportunities for team building within a business. On top of that, they are so much fun as you are spending time out exploring your local area and learning interesting facts about the history of where you are.

Walking And Talking

The best part of the hunt for me was getting to know people I'd shared a large office with - but never really knew. The challenges break down barriers and encourage you to embrace the fun and just get on with whichever crazy thing the app tells you to do.

What An Experience!

I really enjoyed exploring the city and the chance to compete against other teams in real time was so much fun! It was great that the app was so interactive, and I liked uploading photos as we took part. Looking forward to the next challenge!

What A Guy

Mal is the icing on the cake, he is so friendly and welcoming and makes the event so enjoyable, I would recommend to anyone.

Photo Fun

When we had finished the hunt, the highlight was looking at the pictures all the teams took and seeing how our competition had attempted these challenges. Seeing my boss posing with 3 strangers in height order really made my day!

Exceeded Expectations

I had a brilliant time. It was a fun and unique experience that allowed me to get to know my team members in a light-hearted, low-pressure environment! Greatly looking forward to the next one!

Who Knew?

I never thought I would enjoy running around the streets of Liverpool getting questions right (and wrong), taking photos, being mistaken for tourists, discovering new facts and spaces and getting to know my team-mates (all interspersed with a few laughs and bit of healthy competition) as much as I did!

Just The Best

I have never done anything like this before and every minute of it was enjoyable and worthwhile. Hats off to PuzzleDuck.

We have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic organisations and companies, including...

The University of Liverpool
The University of Liverpool
The Woman's Organisation
The Woman's Organisation
The Quirky Quarter
The Quirky Quarter
Mason Advisory
Mason Advisory