Tourist Attractions, Independent Shops, One-Off Events - let us drive footfall to where you want

Visitors and tourists spend money - so how do you get them to you? A bespoke Digital Treasure Hunt will provide your potential customers with an engaging and entertaining hunt, but the locations that they visit are what this type of hunt is really about.

The flexibility of our build software enables us to target any location you want - if it has a longitude and a latitude - then we can send people there! We can also provide them with engaging content about you, your products, and your offer allowing them to get a better understanding of what you are all about.

Below are a couple of examples of how you can employ our hunts to spread the message about you.

Tourist Attractions - a grand day out

One of the most important elements of our Digital Treasure Hunts is the locations. The PuzleDuck App drives players where we want them to go and offers fun and engaging challenges when they get there.

So if you have a theme park, a zoo or even an entire town or city to promote, we can work with you to create a fascinating experience that will entertain your customers and showcase those locations you choose.

All the content of the hunt can be created by you and we can even provide a bespoke feedback feature for you to obtain the opinions and metrics you want. 

Independent Shops - a unique retail tour

We think that not only do independent retailers have great products to sell, but they also have great stories to tell. So why not let out Digital Treasure Hunts drive customers to you and tell them more about you at the same time.

Partnering with similar traders in your area means we can build a tour through your village/town/city that takes in your incredible artisan outlets and creates an informative and positive narrative about the importance of such retailers.

For an added twist, why not get your staff to have the answers to specific questions in the hunt that players have to come in and ask you for? Once they are in your shop, we are sure your products will speak for themselves!

One-Off Events - the ultimate product launch

When you are presenting a new product to current or potential customers, investors, influencers and the general public, you will want an event that stands out as much as your product does.

Our Digital Treasure Hunts are the ideal way to take people on a journey, mixing a real-world experience with the story of your product, with the final destination of the hunt being the location of your actual launch.

Generate hype around your event and introduce your product to the world in an innovative and fun way.