Frequently Asked


How are these different from custom-made hunts?

Our shop-bought hunts are all pre-built. Therefore they have been designed for the general publc and there is no specific content or locations included as with the custom-made version.

But they are still packed with the same types of fun and engaging challenges - so what are you waiting for?!

How do I purchase a hunt?

Just head off to our online shop and pick your adventure - it's as simple as that! You will find a range of different hunts there and we are adding to them all the time. Download the PuzzleDuck app from your app store first, just to ensure it is compatible with your device and those of the people playing with you. Then you're good to go!

How many people can do a hunt?

Whilst there is no limit on the number of people that can play, we tend to see hunts consisting of between 4 and 15 people. These are often split into teams to bring a more competitive element to the experience.

How long does a hunt last?

Although when you purchase a hunt we give some guidance as to its duration, this really is a best guess. Teams go at different speeds and the time taken to complete challenges varies. PuzzleDuck does not set a time limit on the hunt, other than it should be completed within 28 days of the original start date.  So either take your time or speed around the route - its entirely up to you.

What if it rains?

You'll get wet! No seriously, if the weather on the day of your hunt isn't what you planned for then you have up to 28 days in which to begin your hunt. So stay at home, have a cup of tea and wait until the outlook is better.

Are these hunts suitable for children?

Absolutely - in fact, the hunts in our online shop are even tagged as "Family" as all the content is suitable for and accessible to children. We would suggest that they have a phone upon which to play the hunt, then they will be sent challenges and feel properly part of the experience. Who knows, the adults might need to some from the kids!

How accessible are the hunts?

When we design our Digital Treasure Hunts, we ensure that all the locations and challenges occur in places which are accessible by a wheelchair. However, there are times when roadworks or general maintenance can cause some issues. Built into the app is a feature that enables you to pass a challenge to another player if this is the case - that way the activity can still be done and more importantly points can still be scored. Remember there is no time limit to the hunts so if anyone needs a break or wants to stop and start later in the day - or even on another day - this is all possible.

Where do we start from?

When you purchase a hunt from the shop, you will be given a general location in which to gather. If you are embarking on a custom hunt, then we will work with you to choose the most suitable starting location.

Does the hunt occur entirely outside?

Usually yes - hunt take place outdoors. However the may be certain events such as our Hen Hunts or a custom built hunt that does have bars and buildings that you could enter. However any pre-built hunts will always give you a choice as to whether you wish to go inside or not, and if you choose not to, you will be given an outdoor challenge instead of an indoor one.

What should we wear?

As our hunts presently only take place in the UK the easiest answer is to take a set of clothes for each season as you will no doubt encounter all of them at some stage of your adventure! But in all seriousness; comfortable walking shoes/trainers and layers of clothes are the best gear to hunt in. When in doubt - apply common sense!

Will my phone use much data/power?

Believe it or no, this is the hardest FAQ to answer. As far as data is concerned, expect to use approximately between 100Mb and 300Mb. This is an overestimation, but we would not want any charges being incurred if a player is not on a data plan.

Power is dependent on a number of things including; if you are running other apps in the background, if you swop out of the PuzzleDuck app to use another app, if you keep the PuzzleDuck app running for the duration of the hunt, if you have the brightness turn up full o your phone etc. Our best advice is to ensure that your phone is as close to 100% as possible and if you have a power bank, bring it with you. Of course, you will not use all your power on the hunt, but people will often wish to use their phones afterwards and therefore at least you'll have some left.